Sensation Gum 5 pieces/box

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Lead to increased sexual desire; increase sexual pleasure and excitement of the climax;To extend the high tide time;increase women's capacity.


This product is transparent liquid,colorless and tasteless,can quickly dissolve in water in a variety of drinks without being Found.Women bear fruit quickly after drinking a few minutes,Noodles reddish,shortness of breath,breath hot,eager to head exposed,whole body dry and hot,eager to head exposed,whole body dry and hot,passionate women at this time,vaginal itching,Thigh dumb an urgent need to have sex with you and can not self-suppression,so you want it to.


Main Ingredients:Spain imported raw materials(OPS),night lily,rose and other extracts.


Scope of application:apply to adult female citizens


Usage and dosage:Room 5-10 minutes in advance.



1.the FDA prohibited lured young girls;

2.24 hours can not be re-use;

3.this product is only legally married couple use;