5'7 Male Full Body Sex Doll -Ricky

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  • This doll is custom hand-made. Production time is 25 days.
  • Shipping is discreet and takes 10 days.
    • Individually implanted hair in his face and head - manually strand-by-strand!
    • This man is all yours... Do whatever you want to him, whenever you want! Act out all your fantasies!
    • Incredibly lifelike and fully posable from head to feet
    • Lean but muscular body with a realistic bendable penis and a ribbed anus.
    Ricky is a new generation doll featuring a unique combination of a soft, safe, and odorless TPE SexFlesh body and an ultra-realistic silicone head.

    Silicone is the most realistic and expensive doll material out there. Ricky's head is so realistic - people will think it's a real person and say "Hi" to him. Yet his gorgeous TPE body will provide the most real skin-like softness of touch, warmth, and the most unforgettable and realistic sexual experience.
    Up until this line of dolls, you would have to spend $10,000+ and wait for that 3+ years to get a doll of this level of realism. Now you can have one in under a month for a fraction of the cost.


    • 6.5" (17cm) or 9" (22cm) bendable penis options: one penis is included, and additional ones are available in the customization options.
    • Super tight ribbed anal canal for unforgettable better-than-real sensations. The hole is specifically designed for sexual use by men.
    • Features a durable stainless steel skeleton with flexible joints - put the doll in a variety of wild poses!
    • Ultra-realistic soft skin for pleasurable touching, kissing and cuddling.
    • Designed for unisex use: will satisfy you whether you are a man or a woman.


      Use only with water-based lubricants. Wipe down the surface and clean out orifices before and after use with mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. Keep dry and powdered when not in use.