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Black Widdow Female Drops

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This product can bring intensely stimulate a women for the feeling of sex appeal in 5 minutes. increase vagina secretion, and even breast inflating, fully activate the strong sex desire women to men. Aiming at the treatment to women who are sex reaction, slowness, sex coldness, vagina dry during sexual intercourse and other symptoms. this product has great effect to all those symptoms.   
[ Usage and Dosage] : Tke one piece each time, without color or Taste, quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks

The effect of this item may vary from one individual to the next.




.Components]: a wide range of natural herbal extracts the essence of luxury.
[Surge and Dosage]: 30 minutes prior to take 5ml, directly or mixed use in all types of drinks.
[Nots]: pregnant women and under 18 year old are prohibit to use, prohibit to use of girls lured into this product.
[Shelf life]: 3 years.